You can now see the great new video from Pokemon Music Collective

Tom Henry

you can now see the great new video from pokemon

Are you looking for new music based on Pokemon? So the news that we receive today will undoubtedly interest you, since it is related to Pokemon Music Collective.

In the post below, we can find out news about Music Collective. You already know that this project, presented in September 2022, is an initiative where musicians use Pokemon sounds to produce new music. The company expressed its intention to disseminate creations by artists of various genres and the first song was released on September 14, 2022. The second and third were recently released, along with the fourth and then the fifth.

Pokemon Music Collective has also announced the release of a compilation album. And now the latest song from the Pokemon Music Collective campaEsports Extrashas been released on streaming platforms, including Amazon Music in Japan. The song is titled “Ghost Dive” and is the work of the Polkadot group Stingray. It includes various sound samples, such as Pueblo Lavanda.

You can see their music video below:

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