“You have hurt my feelings”, NVIDIA CEO commits to gamers despite being focused on AIs | Top News

"you have hurt my feelings", nvidia ceo commits to gamers

Tom Henry

“You have hurt my feelings”, NVIDIA CEO commits to gamers despite being focused on AIs | Top News

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NVIDIA’s position in the technology market is changing radically as we speak. Having reached a market value of 1,000,000,000,000 dollars the other day, its weight in the artificial intelligence industry is turning it into a technological titan. Even so, and despite his latest stumbles making graphics cards for gaming, its CEO he wants to reassure the gamers.

These days Computex 2023 is being held, the most important technology fair in Taiwan, and one of the most powerful in the world. There, one of the most important guests, in addition to the person in charge of giving the kick-off of the event, it has been the green team. With a conference in which the question and answer session could not be missing, NVIDIA positioned itself as the leading company at Computex this year.

This question and answer session is precisely the protagonist of this news. And it is that, with many questions flying from here to there about the company, its rise in value thanks to investment in AIsThere was one that stood out above the rest. Gordon Mah Ung, Executive Editor of PC World wanted to comment on what many gamers are thinking: what about gamers?

Asking if there are reasons for gamers to feel jealous of AIs in terms of priorities, it was Jensen Huang himself, CEO of the company, who responded. First, in a humorous tone, he affirmed that these words had hurt his feelings, and then, seriously, to reassure your customers.

RTX was invented for gamers, and for RTX, the most important technology is AI. Without AIs, we couldn’t do real-time ray tracing. […] Our company’s first project with AIs—the main focus of the AI ​​was Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS),” says the executive. In addition, he also talked about Avatar Cloud Engine, the technology to animate NPCs, give them voices, and make them understand and respond to our voice commands.

With this on the table, NVIDIA wants us to be calmsince he does not believe that AI has replaced gamers in the creative engineering process of the brand, but that they are two different markets that will help each other grow over time.

The value of NVIDIA shoots up on the stock market

The green team is in a time of true financial prosperity. A few days ago, he managed to join the exclusive club of companies whose stock market value had exceeded one trillion euros, although, since then, he has left it again. Now worth over €930 billion, it is, without a doubt, one of the world’s leading technology companies, going well beyond GPUs for gamers.

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