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You think Destiny 2 is a dead game? A YouTuber will prove you wrong

In Destiny 2, the discussion about the status of the loot shooter keeps popping up. Many voices speak of a dead game when a new expansion comes out, but is that really the case? Is Destiny 2 dead? A YouTuber knows the answer.

Which YouTuber is it about? This is the American Destiny 2 expert and PvP enthusiast “Aztecross”. He was already in Destiny 1 and knows the loot shooter like the back of his hand. So it was now time for him to deal with the constantly recurring discussion – Is Destiny 2 a dead game?

Many players use the Steam player numbers as evidence of the steadily growing disinterest in the shooter. Aztecross, however, stepped back and looked at the situation from a wider angle. He even thinks that Destiny can only grow.


Steam player counts are not relevant

What speaks against the “dead game” status? Aztecross names the following things to prove that Destiny 2 is even continuing to grow:

  • Destiny 2 has accumulated 40 million hours watched on Twitch since the release of Witch Queen
  • The number of players in Destiny 2 is constantly growing
    • In April. In 2020 there were 25 million players
    • In August 2022, the numbers grew to 40 million
  • 800,000 – 1.2 million players log in daily to loot (via. playertracker)
  • Bungie was bought by Sony for $3.6 trillion
  • With 1 million pre-orders, Witch Queen was one of the most sought-after DLCs in Destiny 1 & 2
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The short breakdown of Aztecross

But above all, the Sony deal is an indicator that Bungie is not yet burying its shooter brand. Such a huge sum is said to be well invested and will continue to provide money for the Japanese company in the future.

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The issue of Steam numbers can also be smashed, says Aztecross. Destiny 2 has a huge player base on consoles and this has increased significantly with the next-gen variants. Steam and PC players in general therefore only make up a small part of the total. With the benefits that PS5 and Xbox Series X now offer, more and more fans are getting on the console trip.

Less hacking, smooth 60FPS, FoV adjustments and sharper graphics on consoles will make it easier for fans to switch platforms. Especially since Crossplay and Crosssave even support the players.

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These criteria ensure that the majority of players are active on the consoles. So according to Aztecross, Destiny 2 is not dying yet, on the contrary – Destiny 2 continues to grow.

The magic of the loot shooter still works: Despite many negative opinions, such as neglecting known core PvE activities or the Crucible, many Guardians are still actively involved. Above all, it is the cinematic presentation of the story that has the fans holding their breath in excitement.


Constant adjustments to the meta and upcoming innovations in the season or DLC are also reasons why players return and give the development studio another chance.

Bungie is likely to break records again with the release of Lightfall, so stay tuned to see if Destiny 2 will survive next year or not. What do you think? Do you think Destiny 2 is dying or is it just gossip? Let’s find out in the comments.