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You told us whether you prefer to play PvE or PvP in MMORPGs – the result is more than clear

We asked you about your content preferences in MMOs and .s. Here’s what you told us about PvP and PvE.


Almost every major . these days has both PvE and PvP content. The two modes offer fans very different types of content and therefore often appeal to different target groups.

We wanted to know from you in a survey whether you are more of a PvP or PvE fan and a large number of you answered us.


How you voted: A total of 3,215 readers took part in the survey. Each person could only cast one vote and the election could not be reversed.

Here is the vote distribution:

  • Mostly PvE and sometimes PvP – 44.23% (1,422 votes)
  • PvE only – 38.53% (1,239 votes)
  • Mostly PvP and sometimes PvE – 7.52% (242 votes)
  • Both equally often – 6.34% (204 votes)
  • PvP only – 3.36% (108 votes)

The survey shows that over 80% of you either don’t play PvP at all or only drop by the mode occasionally. The balanced fraction of readers who play both modes equally is just over 6% of all respondents.

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For the fans of pure PvP, however, it looks rather thin with a total of 10.88%. Only 3.36% of respondents play PvP exclusively and 7.52% play mostly PvP, sometimes throwing PvE into the mix.

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Is PvP just not good in many .s?

This is what you told us: In the comments below the poll, you told us why you prefer one mode over the other.


Some of these reasons were very simple. PvE fans shared that PvP is just not for them and not really their cup of tea. According to this part of the respondents, PvP is too hectic and stressful for them. When gambling, PvE fans prefer to relax.

I’m a pure PVE player and I really don’t want to be forced into PVP like in destiny 2. It’s just not my world.

MeinMMO reader Manu


Preferably in .s almost exclusively PvE games, very rarely PvP. It’s too hectic for me and in WoW, for example, I’m not that good at PvP.

MeinMMO reader Victor Frankenstein

There were more problems with PvP than just dislike, however. On the one hand you had a lot of positive things to say about PvP in the comments.

  • It’s dynamic, suspenseful content that’s good for thrill seekers
  • It’s a type of content that is “self-generated” and less dependent on dev content replenishment
  • The large open-world conflicts between factions are a special feature
  • PvP is seen as important to the economy of an MMO
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However, the actual implementation of PvPs in many MMOs is rather poor. According to your comments, PvP is often neglected and the mode suffers from bots, scammers and griefers.

Hmm… My order of precedence seems to be something like this:

  • 1. Fair PvP (Arena, Battlegrounds, RTS, general games with a good MMR system)
  • 2. PvE with story (preferably coop)
  • 3. PvE with (some) grind


  • 534. Unfair PvP (low level ganking, ganker groups killing resource gatherers, and so on) […]

MyMMO Reader TMP

[…] For me personally, PvE, like PvP, is part of a really good ., but PvP very quickly ends up on the sidelines or is only used for cheap content, to create content where there is none. Implemented crudely to distract from the fact that there is little content and thus hated by many at first touch because all they know is gank. […]

MyMMO reader Steed


It has also been commented that it is the poorly implemented PvP that is responsible for the general aversion to the mode. The new players are immediately put off by their bad experience in the form of ganking and do not want to deal with PvP anymore after that.

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You would like a fair and balanced PvP in which skill decides the victory. But that’s not an easy task, especially in MMOs and .s with different skills, gear builds and level progressions.

But do you have any suggestions how to fix the problem? Do you know any really good examples of PvP in .s? Tell us about it in the comments.


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