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You won’t believe it, but someone has built the Batmobile in Zelda

you won't believe it, but someone has built the batmobile

Batman’s car has been recreated in Tears of the Kingdom in great detail.

You won't believe it, but someone has built the Batmobile in Zelda
The Glider can be used to build other vehicles

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom never ceases to amaze us. The new game mechanics are a great incentive for most creative players that demonstrate daily the amount of things that can be done. Not only to solve puzzles, but you can do real engineering works with different pieces and resources. We have come to see improvised weapons, tanks and other gadgets for mistreat the kologs. Even vehicles as realistic as a batmobile It looks so much like the original that you won’t believe it.

Thanks to social networks, many Tears of the Kingdom videos are being shared. This time, a player Has built Batman’s car With every little detail. Not only is it a platform that can be driven, but it has created the whole bodywork to give it a more realistic look. And in the upper part he has used a kind of giant parasail known as a Glider to represent the famous batmobile design simulating the wings of a bat. As if that were not enough, the vehicle works and this makes it perfect for travel great distances in some seconds.

Tears of the Kingdom build possibilities

It takes a lot of imagination to build something so complexbut we already told you how to use the Glider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. After seeing this Batman car, there is no doubt about the possibilities of construction which has Tears of the Kingdom. Although you would need to follow a guide to erect more complex structures within the game, you can see in the video the items you have used for it.

Some of these inventions are especially useful for defeat enemies. This means that lethal weapons can be built to facilitate boss fights. It’s a pity there isn’t a more complete manual with everything that can be done in this installment of the saga. Instead, you can check our guide to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to see all available locations, shrines, puzzles, and where to get them materials you will need to build such inventions.

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