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You won’t want to miss this original crossover between Spider-man 4 and Daredevil

One of the biggest moments for fans of Holland’s Spider-Man was his encounter with Dare*text muted*, and this image shows it.

Among the fan arts that we regularly see on the Internet, crossovers are the perfect opportunity for unofficial collaborations between characters, universes and even franchises show a quite exciting alternate reality for fans. That is why creativity works as a precedent so that in the future companies make decisions related to the dreams of their audience.

Unfortunately, we know that most of these crossovers are not going to make it to the big screen, however, that does not mean that the fandom is going to give up on sharing fictional scenarios created by themselves. And, in this case, Spider-Man 4 poster recreates Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Charlie Cox’s Dare*text muted* in an epic scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

spider-man-4-poster-holland-dare*text muted*-2

The cameo that brought Dare*text muted* in front of Spider-Man excited Holland fans and now they want a collaboration.

Spider-Man and Dare*text muted* has had enough popularity for Marvel

In case you’ve gotten a little lost in the franchise’s extensive timeline, one of the most important titles for Phase 4 of Marvel Studios was Spider-Man: Far from home, which served as Holland’s third solo appearance in the MCU. While tackling the big cliffhanger that concluded the film, the trilogy also ushered in the narrative as a celebration of all three generations of the arachnid hero. And despite the studio’s best efforts to hide the secret, everyone eventually found out that Holland’s Spider-Man teamed up with his counterparts, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, thanks to Spider-Man: Far From Home was a smash hit.

For its part, later on, Spider-Man: No Way Home had its respective support in the already drawn history of the hero, although the epic battle between all the Peter Parkers was something that was seen to come. And Cox’s inclusion in the MCU, after starring as Matt Murdock in Netflix’s Dare*text muted*, worked out pretty well in a prominent cameo as Peter’s lawyer. Following this notable appearance, Cox returned as Dave*text muted* for She Hulk: Defender of Heroes and is currently preparing to appear in Echo. The British actor will star in Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in Dare*text muted*: Born Againthe partial sequel to the Netflix series, which will premiere on Disney+ in 2024, as part of Phase 5 of the MCU.

So far, it is it is unlikely that Dare*text muted* will appear in the MCU before the sequel that we mentioned to you. But Hazzaa Jarrar, an artist has imagined what a team made up of Matt and Spider-Man would look like. The author recently shared an image from Spider-Man 4 that she has taken showing both heroes in New York after their brief interaction in Spider-Man: No Homecoming. Here you can see it:

spider-man-4-poster-holland-dare*text muted*

Original Spider-Man 4 poster post.

Will Spider-Man and Dare*text muted* meet again?

This is an interesting question, since it probably is, however, The plans that the MCU has for both heroes in the future are not known. The Spider-Man 4 project is now in development and Holland is not in the cast, while Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have also not scheduled a sequel for the next phases of the MCU. Something that should be mentioned is that it is very difficult for Holland’s Spider-Man to be a guest in Dare*text muted*: Born Again because it is unknown if there is an agreement that allows any MCU series to use the character. Except for the characters being scheduled to interact in a scene from the MCU, Spider-Man and Dade*text muted* won’t be sharing a screen anytime soon.

The good news is that Kevin Feige confirmed that Spider-Man and Dare*text muted* will represent the street heroes of the MCU together, which means that yes or yes they will meet in the future. As for Phase 5, because the schedule is already full, Phase 6 seems the most likely for 2025, especially if it will tie in with the Multiverse Saga. Also, Marvel is aware that Holland and Cox have done quite a bit of chemistry in Spider-Man: No Way Home, so just be patient for Spider-Man 4 to arrive and find out if these two heroes will be facing each other. other details that this mysterious MCU project can bring.


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