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your TOP board for Ryzen 7000 in mid-range

What is to come with the Ryzen 7000 is very big. You know that when all the manufacturers are throwing themselves fully into supporting the new AM5 platform for them, where it seems Esports ExtrasBYTE is going to take the lead in the best-selling segment, the mid-range. There, the Taiwanese are going to implement a risky strategy: offer the average AMD chipset with high-end board features. Thus is born the Esports ExtrasBYTE Tachyon B650, a model designed for overclocking.

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It has been at the AMD Meet The Expert event where the brand representative, Sofos Oikonomou, has shed a little light on what is to come. The Taychon range is logically expected with the X670 chipset since it is destined to compete with the APEX, Classified and the like, but… What if there were several?

Esports ExtrasBYTE Tachyon B650: the mid-range points to the high

We are not talking about features on par with the best, such as WaterForce or Extreme, Ultra and so on, but you do have to keep the name of this model in memory because seeing the B650 chipset focused on overclocking is a good omen.

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Normally this chipset includes good features and performance in the boards that mount it, where it accompanies the price, a balance that this Tachyon B650 is going to break in favor of the last one. There really isn’t any relevant information about it, so we can’t anticipate benefits or features as such, but this board opens up the possibility of something that has been unprecedented in AMD until now: a mid-range chipset called Extreme.

And it is that the rumors suggest that finally the B650 will have a superior older brother in performance that will stay very close to the X670 chipset to dry thanks to a detail that AMD has allowed with the first.

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AMD B650E: the chipset that will allow you to squeeze your RAM and your CPU at a low price


The range called Extreme/Enthusiast Overclock has a new brother, at least on paper and according to leaks, since not everyone can afford to opt for motherboards of more than 700 euros to take both RAM and RAM memory to the limit of their cooling. as CPU.

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AMD’s move appears to be to allow a variant “E” or Extreme of the same B650 with some extra capabilities, which have not been revealed or described. Perhaps only for specific models or for manufacturers that request it, but with this movement we could be seeing how a mid-range model per chipset ends up competing in overclocking with a much higher-end one.

For this and by pure logic, the digital phase system and its cooling have to be up to the task. It is likely that this Esports ExtrasBYTE Tachyon B650 dispense with superfluous things trying to optimize the performance / price ratio within what a user expects from this chipset, but to know for sure we will have to wait until the end of the month when AMD will reveal its processors, and with it, the main motherboards of first batch.

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