Youtuber Ali-A joins Fortnite: Skin, date and Cup to get it for free

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Youtuber Ali-A joins Fortnite: Skin, date and Cup to get it for free

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fortnite battle royale has recently submitted the new skin of the Series of idols which is starring the Ali-A content creatorwhich will join the in-game store as part of the current Season 2: Resistance of Chapter 3 very soon, as of this next May 20th. Although earlier, this Wednesday, a new Cup will be held to obtain the free suit. Next here we tell you All the details.

Ali-A skin in Fortnite – All content

Army leader Ali-A joins the Idol Series!

Ali-A’s skin for the Fortnite Idol Series and her various cosmetics will be available in the in-game item shop from friday may 20 2022 at 02:00 CEST. We will be able to find Ali-A’s set in her own featured section of the store and can be acquire in exchange for turkeys in absolutely item shop all platforms of the video game.

Ali-A skin: all accessories

Epic has already introduced the Ali-A set and all its accessories in Fortnite (although its prices are still unknown):

  • Ali-A outfit: include the Ali-Tech Breastplate backpack accessory and the various Default, Superior, Matroix, Matroix Ultra Armor, Sapphire Paragn, Sapphire Paragn (Unmasked), Titanium Titan, and Titanium Titan (Unmasked) styles. There will also be color options for armor.
  • The Ali-Tech Breastplate backpacking accessory: also includes Ali-Tech’s Plasmatic Wings alternate style.
  • Hang glider Ali-Tech Plasma Wings: they will be integrated into the suit.
  • Beak: Ali-Tech staff.
  • Packaging: The Blue A.
  • Gesture: A dipolodculus!

All of these cosmetics can be purchased from individually or together in a batch of Ali-A.

Get free graffiti Ali-A was here

Along with the launch of the update v20.40 of Fortnite, Epic Games has confirmed that they will include a new theme mission of Ali-A in the game to be available until May 30 at 01:59 CEST and which consists of eliminating 15 opponents in the Ali-A experience designed in Creative mode. Players who participate in this mode and complete the mission will be able to free unlock graffiti Ali-A was here.

  • To participate in the Ali-A Experience enter the island code 5135-8778-2901.

Ali-A Cup in Fortnite: How to participate and get the skin for free?

Ali-A Cup in Fortnite

With the announcement of the skin of Ali-A, Epic Games has also made official the announcement of the new Ali-A Cup which, precisely, bears this name because among its rewards is the new special content creator outfit that players can get free if they get good results in the tournament.

  • The Ali-A Cup will be held this Wednesday, May 18, 2022.
  • Depending on the region you are in, schedule of the competition will be different (go to the Compete tab of the game menu to find out exactly when the Ali-A Cup starts in your region).

Any player can participate in the Ali-A Cup, although as prerequisites need to have the two-step authentication enabled on your Epic account and an account from level 50 or higher (you can see your account level in the “Career” tab within the game). You can check the complete rules of the tournament on the page of the official rules of the Ali-A Cup.

Ali-A Cup Features and Rewards

Emoticon Ex

  • The tournament consists of a phase two competition of zero construction.
  • Players can participate in up to 10 games in a period of Three hours to earn as many points as they can.
  • Every elimination add 1 point.
  • Players who get the best ranks will be able to fully unlock free Ali-A skinincluding its backpacking accessory.
  • All players who manage to score at least 8 points will get free Ali-A’s Army emoticon.

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