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Zachary Levi (Shazam!) confirms The Rock blocked the appearance of several characters in Shazam 2

Zachary Levi has vented after a report circulated that Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson blocked Black Adam movie characters from appearing in a Shazam 2 post-credits scene.

It was already known that members of Black Adam’s Justice Society of America were originally slated to appear in Fury of the Gods, and filmmaker David F. Sandberg said the scene “He fell apart three days before the cameras were to roll, forcing him to find alternate characters at the last minute”. On Tuesday, The Wrap reported that Johnson blocked the characters from appearing in Fury of the Gods, and that the actor-producer also turned down a potential Levi cameo in Black Adam.


In an Instagram Story on Tuesday, Levi shared a post mentioning The Wrap reports, adding his own comment: “The truth shall set you free”.

Black Adam was a passion project for Johnson, who pushed for the classic Shazam antagonist to be given his own spinoff film, rather than being cast as the villain in 2019’s Shazam. The star-producer was also instrumental in bringing back Henry Cavill as Superman in a cameo for Adam.

However, when it was released in October, Black Adam disappointed at the box office. Soon after, DC underwent a leadership change that effectively eliminated the chances of there being any more Black Adam in the DC Universe while also ending Cavill’s brief revival as Superman.

Meanwhile, Fury of the Gods also disappointed at the box office upon its release last week, raising the chances of a third Shazam! anything but impossible.


Levi, for his part, has been a vocal supporter of the film. The actor wrote on Twitter on Monday: “I think the biggest problem we have is marketing. This is a perfect family movie, and yet many families don’t know it. Which is a shame”.