Zelda Tears of the Kingdom fan builds laser robots and just sizzles everything away with them

zelda tears of the kingdom fan builds laser robots and

Tom Henry

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom fan builds laser robots and just sizzles everything away with them

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The inner Ganondorf heart laughs when our laser robot burns everything away in Zelda TotK.

The best robots are big robots with a lot of oomph. You can ask Titanfall 2 – or Link in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In any case, one thing is certain: there is only real joy when we can spread fear and terror among our enemies with a killer robot. As in this case, a particularly practical and impressive construction project.

This Zelda TotK robot is one of the coolest inventions of the fans thanks to its approx. 100 lasers

That’s what it’s about: The new Nintendo Switch blockbuster Zelda Tears of the Kingdom invites you to build and experiment. At some point you will have a veritable arsenal of different Zonai components at your disposal, with which you can build the wildest constructions.

Since it is of course closeto tinker absolute killer machines that have a lot of skills. How about, for example, an autonomous, self-driving robot that automatically targets enemies? While we’re at it, we’re just going to give him loads of lasers, a little bit of ice and fire never hurt anyone either.

Here you can ingenious apparatus from Redditor normal_person_uwu in action (his name is billy Bob the destroyer):

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The robot makes short work: As you can see, this really scary robot mows down a whole horde of enemies without any problems. Above all, the many lasers burn off an impressive firework that even silver Moblins obviously have nothing to oppose. A dream.

How does this work?

With Sonau components. The most important element is the construct header. This component “keeps tabs on creatures identified as enemies” and, according to the official item description, “combines with other Sonau components to create an auto-aim turret.”

The Redditor put the construct head on an automatic transporter. This is a kind of mini chain mail that moves towards opponents by itself. Add to that a so-called stand-up man who always keeps the robot upright and heaps of weapons – and the perfect machine of destruction is complete.

Where can I get the components? From the capsule dispensers. You can usually find them on the Sky Islands, but there are also three on the normal surface of Hyrule. You can see on your map which components are in which capsule dispensers. Worth unlocking all of them.

It’s really remarkable what creative fans have already made in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The game hasn’t even been out a whole month yet. Given the sheer endless possibilities and freedom in the latest Zelda, we think there are still some really cool discoveries to come.

What do you think of the laser robot? What’s the coolest killing machine you’ve built in Zelda TotK so far?

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