Zelda TotK – Be sure to use this killer fruit, it even kills some enemies in one hit!

zelda totk be sure to use this killer fruit,

Tom Henry

Zelda TotK – Be sure to use this killer fruit, it even kills some enemies in one hit!

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Great power is not only slumbering in the Master Sword, there is also fruit in Zelda TotK.

Sounds strange, but it’s like this: In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, one of the most powerful items is relatively inconspicuous. Or, to put it another way: there are many, very good areas of application for certain fruits that you may not find very helpful. Only the game does not necessarily reveal these tricks, you have to find out for yourself. Or just read our GamePro articles.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Don’t spurn the Sparkling Fruits, they pack a punch

That’s what it’s about: Have you ever blinded an opponent with a sparkling fruit in Zelda TotK? Very good! Then you know at least once that the fruits are very suitable as a start in a fight. But the yellow things have a lot more to offer than you probably think.

Insta-Kill for Skeleton Opponents: Undoubtedly the best use for a Sparkle Fruit is to throw it at the feet of Stal or Skeleton opponents. In the radius of the stun grenade you can kill all Stal enemies in one go.

The skeletons are very sensitive to the sparkle explosion and just disappear. It looks like this, for example:

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The only exception: Stalhinox! Nothing is perfect and that’s why the Sparkling Fruit insta-kill doesn’t work on all skeletons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The huge Stalhinoxe are the inglorious exception. You will only be stunned briefly.

Caution with horses: Of course, if you’re currently riding a Skeleton Horse, you’d better refrain from detonating a Sparklefruit Flash Grenade. At least if you don’t want to land hard on the ground.

Extra tip: If you attach the fruit to a Krog weapon like the Forest Sword with Link’s Synthesis ability, you can use it over and over again without consuming the fruit.

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Here’s what else you can do with the Sparkling Fruits:

Perfect for the mayor quest: If you have to defend a specific pumpkin field in Hateno, the sparkling fruit should come in very handy.

Against miasma hands: If you are suddenly attacked again by the glowing red nightmare hands, think of the sparkling fruit. So you can at least hold your hands for a moment and give yourself a break. More about the nasty hands:

Gibdos and their Queen: The Gibdos in the Gerudo Desert are also highly sensitive to a well-placed Sparklefruit Flash Grenade. If the bad guys are not killed immediately, they will at least turn white and can finally be eliminated without any problems.

Shoot down horror blinds: If you want to bring the monkey-like cave dwellers called Horrorblins down to earth, a sparkling fruit is also ideal for this.

Stun enemies and steal weapons: In general, you can throw a sparkling fruit at all opponents. As a rule, the enemies should then be briefly stunned and drop their weapons. The perfect moment to grab the gun yourself!

How do you find the sparkling fruits in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? What’s your favorite fruit?

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