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Zelda: TotK now regularly gives you free in-game items: Here’s how you can dust them off

zelda: totk now regularly gives you free in game items: here's

In Zelda: TotK there will be free items in the future.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom just got a new update that fixes some bugs in the game. But there is also an interesting innovation that should bring you plenty of free items in the future. All you have to do is keep your eyes open.

Zelda items will soon be available on Switch via news

In the patch notes for update 1.2.0, the new feature is as follows:

“By launching the game from specific articles published on a specific Switch news channel (accessible from the HOME Menu), players will be able to obtain a range of in-game items.”


What does that mean exactly? Breath of the Wild had already received this function with an update. In the future, if you read certain news via the news tab on your switch and then start the game directly via the news, you will receive items for free in the game. It rains food or weapons from the sky as soon as you start TotK.

This is how you have to proceed to secure the items:

  • From the Switch HOME Menu, select the News tab
  • Press “+” for find channels
  • Choose the one here The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Channel out of
  • Chooses follow channelnow you can always find him in the news from the list of channels with “Y”.
  • Then click on the news and select “Play Now” out of

However, it is not always immediately apparent from the title which news items bring you, so you simply have to take a look. Currently you can already get one via the news “Important knowledge about mushrooms”. Hyrule Mushroom and a soldier sword get hold of

Items not always available: However, as the patch also notes, not all free items can be obtained at all times. Sometimes your current game progress or where you are in Tears of the Kingdom can prevent this – but in this case it will be mentioned in the corresponding news.


In plain language, this means that you cannot get items that give you an advantage that is not intended by the game. For example, you cannot obtain equipment items while you are in a shrine or certain dungeons. In that case you just have to leave these places and try again.

Will you take the time to check Zelda: TotK news regularly?

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