Zelda Totk patch 1.2.0 fixes gamebreaking bug and bautomatic ability

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zelda totk patch 1.2.0 fixes gamebreaking bug and bautomatic ability

The update fixes some issues with story progression.

A freshly released update raises The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to version 1.2.0. Once you’re connected to the internet, download the patch.

In the patch notes, Nintendo writes which errors are fixed with the update. With the patch, Nintendo is primarily addressing some bugs that have prevented progress on certain quests.

Zelda TotK: The Bauto ability should now be accessible to everyone

What are the quests? Some players faced the problem that at a certain point in the quests they “The underground temple” and “Mystery of the Wreath Ruins‘ couldn’t go on.

The Quest “The underground temple‘ is especially important because it unlocks Link’s Bauto ability. This allows Link to save construction plans and does not have to adjust the individual parts every time you want to build a certain object.

The Quest “Mystery of the Wreath Ruins‘ concerns an important quest at the end of the game. Without spoiling too much: the quest gives us a piece of equipment that we need to make it to the end of the game.

There are also some side quests that you can now continue. These include:

  • Research Institute in Hateno
  • Angelstedt’s rebirth
  • Turn white into black
  • Attack of the pirates
  • The unfinished shelter
  • Find the pirate hideout

What other bugs have been fixed? Nintendo has also set the number of fairies to normal. Fairies didn’t appear in some places when there should be. Now you should be able to collect the fairies regularly and get a few extra lives.

The translated patch notes for update 1.2.0

General updates

  • By launching the game from specific articles published on a specific Switch news channel (accessible from the HOME Menu), players can obtain a range of in-game items.
    • Depending on the progress of the game or the location where the data is reopened, there may be cases where the items cannot be obtained.

More fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused players in the main quests “The Temple Below” and “Mystery of the Wreath Ruins”, the side quests “Research Institute in Hateno” and “Angelstedt’s Rebirth”, the shrine quest “Turning Black into White” and the Side quests “Pirates Attack”, “The Unfinished Shelter” and “Searching for the Pirate Lair” could not progress past a certain point. If you download the update, players can go beyond this point.
  • Fixed an issue where fairies would not spawn under certain conditions when they should have spawned.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the meals offered by Kiana from Angelstedt Village from changing under certain conditions.
  • Several issues have been fixed to improve the gaming experience.

What problems are still bothering you in Zelda: TotK?

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