Zelda TotK player discovers terrible glitch making Link look like Freddy Krueger

zelda totk player discovers terrible glitch making link look like

Tom Henry

Zelda TotK player discovers terrible glitch making Link look like Freddy Krueger

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At this sight, Zelda himself freezes in shock: We’ve never seen Link like this before.

If you think you’ve already seen everything in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then let us prove you wrong. Even if afterwards you might wish you hadn’t looked at this. Something is wrong with Link here – not at all. He looks like he’s been in a horrible accident, like it’s raining acid in Hyrule, or like he’s straight out of a horror movie.

Zelda TotK has few glitches, but when they do – they’re as bad as this one

That’s what it’s about: A Zelda TotK fan was amazed and shocked when his link suddenly looked completely different. This link here suffers from a very unhealthy looking complexion. His skin is severely discolored and blotchy.

Like out of a horror movie: Either something really hot has been thrown at this link, it has caught fire, or it has been exposed to acid in some way. In any case, it’s clear that he’s more like Freddy Krüger than what we’re used to from Zelda.

It’s best to see the whole thing for yourself, but be warned, the Zelda player doesn’t call this extremely scary for nothing:

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The reactions are accordingly: In addition to people who say thank you for the spoiler warning and the unsurprising Freddy Krüger comparisons, there is a hint again and again. Many Zelda fans are inevitably reminded of the Creepypasta Ben Drowned, which haunted the Internet in connection with Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

What is Ben Drowned? It is the fictional story of a supposedly cursed N64 module that was said to have belonged to a dead boy. It had Majora’s Mask on it, but something was wrong with the game: according to legend, in addition to many mysterious malfunctions, two saved games appeared on it, one was called Ben, the other just Drowned.

In view of the recent glitch images from Zelda TotK, some people in the comments joke that Ben probably didn’t drown in this case, but apparently caught fire.

Have you ever encountered a similar glitch in Tears of the Kingdom? What do you think is behind it?

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