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Zero Sievert, the Tarkov-style game that is rocking it

There are video games that reach different platforms and from one moment to another they become the titles of the moment. It happened at the time among us and now there is a new game that is killing it at all levels. A title that was launched in December 2021 but that is now when it is getting all the boom possible. Is about Zero Sieverta post-apocalyptic survival video game that is reminiscent, at least, of what it offers us Escape from Tarkov.


We are facing a title with a 2D view that, although it differs from the title of BattleState Games in what is singleplayer, at least for now. Far from Escape from Tarkov, it also has its references in STALKER and even they themselves admit it in the presentation of the video game. However, this has not been an impediment for great content creators such as minus thirteen either elXokas.

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Zero Sievert is the title that you will want to try as soon as possible

Do you feel like playing something fast and don’t know what to do? Don’t you feel like taking a LOL? Well, Zero Sievert can be your solution. Like in Escape from Tarkov, We will start with basic equipment and we will have to complete missions that will be offered to us at the base. After that we will begin to travel to the different locations that they offer us. We’ll start at «Forest«, where we will take our first steps. bandits, soldiers, animals either ghouls they will attack us while we try to get all the loot possible.

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Of course, making any mistake means dying. Since a wild boar charging us even a bullet that will fall on us as soon as we enter the field of vision of the NPC’s. Even the radiation it can be our worst enemy on the map. Unlike Escape from Tarkov, however, dying will not cause you to lose your gear. Yes indeed, the loot that we have obtained in the raid will disappear completely.

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for now, Zero Sievert is in Early Access, although Escape from Tarkov players will be used to it by now. At the moment it seems that the players are enjoying it and This is reflected in the Steam reviews. We will see how it evolves, although at this rate it seems that it could find a large number of followers.

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