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speedruns for a good cause: take part in europe's largest

Speedruns for a good cause: Take part in Europe’s largest charity stream

Tom Henry

The Bisalina Speedruns will enter their fifth round at the beginning of December. The Bisalina Speedruns are back and you ...

PS Plus Essential December 2023: Free games to be revealed soon – these are the date and time

Tom Henry

On this day, the PS Plus games from the December 2023 lineup will be announced. This week the time has ...

ps plus essential in december 2023: the community is speculating

PS Plus Essential in December 2023: The community is speculating on these free games – and you?

Tom Henry

These are the community’s wishes for PS Plus Essential in December 2023. It won’t be long until Sony officially reveals ...

the second season of the last of us is delayed

The second season of The Last of Us is delayed because of Fantastic Four and Gladiator 2

Mike Clark

The filming of the second season from the series of The Last of Us It would have been delayed due ...

battlefield v surpasses its player record (and that of battlefield

Battlefield V surpasses its player record (and that of Battlefield 2042) three years after its arrival on Steam

Mike Clark

Although the original release of Battlefield V was produced in 2018, its PC version It didn’t come to Steam until ...

25 years since the birth of the dreamcast, a short lived

25 years since the birth of the Dreamcast, a short-lived console that left a great legacy

Mike Clark

On the 27th, 1998, the Dreamcast arrived in Japanese stores, which did not arrive in the West until almost a ...