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Study reveals the difference between 30fps and 60fps



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The debate between 30fps and 60fps is eternal. We constantly hear from people who claim that there is not a big difference between these two options, while they simply cannot understand this thought. Well, A new study could put an end to this dispute, since I have revealed that not everyone can see so many frames.

According to a study created by researchers at Trinity College Dublin, a university in Ireland, some people may be more sensitive to higher frame rates and refresh rates than others. This means that Not everyone can see a clear difference between 30fps and 60fps. Although the brain is capable of processing between 10 and 12 images without any problem, after this number everything depends on factors such as lighting, and how well trained a user's eye is.


The study involved 88 individuals between the ages of 18 and 35, and focused on “Critical Flicker Fusion,” or CFF, a key indicator of the visual ability to discriminate visual cues at high speeds. . When using a glasses-like device connected to a screen, The researchers tested the subjects' ability to perceive flashes of light at different speeds.

The results revealed significant variation in CFF thresholds. Some were able to detect flashes at speeds greater than 60 times per second with greater clarity than others.. This is what Clinton Haarlem, one of the researchers behind this project, commented:


“People who view images at higher rates basically have access to a little more visual information per period of time than people on the lower end of the spectrum.”

The interesting, is that it is possible to train the eye so that it can appreciate images at 60fps. However, the study makes it clear that the difference has more to do with a person's anatomy, and not so much with how long they have been playing. In this way, it is clear that there are people who cannot notice a difference between 30fps and 60fps. On related topics, we tell you how many games run at only 30fps on the PS5. Similarly, GTA 6 it wouldn't run at 60fps on the PS5 Pro.

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Editor's Note:


In the case of games, it all depends on the developers. There are cases where a title runs perfectly at 30fps, and the title is built this way. The new generation has given us the opportunity to choose performance, and as long as there are no serious technical errors, such as frame rate drops, there are not many problems.

Via: The Guardian


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