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State of Play with Silent Hill 2 planned for May – Report [Update]

Sony plant möglicherweise einen neuen State of Play im kommenden Mai, der sich unter anderem um Silent Hill 2 drehen wird. Davon berichten Industrievertreter. Dass so langsam Bewegung in den Horror-Reboot von Konami und Bloober Team kommt, darauf gibt es verschiedene Hinweise. Zuletzt hatte die ESRB den Titel geprüft und freigegeben, davor wurde erstes Marketingmaterial



State of Play with Silent Hill 2 planned for May – Report [Update]

Sony may be planning a new State of Play next May, which will include, among other things Silent Hill 2 will rotate. Industry representatives report this.

There are various indications that the horror reboot from Konami and Bloober Team is slowly starting to move. The ESRB recently examined and approved the title, and before that the first marketing material was released Silent Hill 2 spotted. According to Bloober Team, development is also in the final phase.

Silent Hill 2 Showcase in a few weeks

Now that everything is coming together, another showcase would make sense, perhaps showing the release date of Silent Hill 2 learns. At least that's what GiantBomb editor Jeff Grubb found out, who says in the current podcast that Sony is preparing either a PlayStation Showcase or a State of Play.

“I've heard several times now that there will be something coming to PlayStation next month, in May, either a State of Play or a Showcase, so that will probably be it. It looks like it’s leaning more towards a showcase, it’s definitely in the time frame of when they did a showcase last year.”

Whether it is a pure one Silent Hill 2 Showcase or a similar format to last year, where Sony announced countless games and PlayStation Portal, is open. In any case, a larger show would be desirable, as it is still not clear what Sony has planned for the current year.

PS5 Pro announcement?

Former PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently ruled out any major new announcements, but that doesn't mean that Sony has absolutely nothing in the pipeline. The PS5 Pro, which is scheduled to come onto the market later this year, is still hotly debated. An official reveal in May would be entirely conceivable or even completely ruled out in order not to endanger the current sales of the PS5.

What is true and what is not should become clear by May at the latest.

[[Update]According to fellow insider The Snitch, there will also be a new one at the showcase AstroBotgame shown. He hinted at this with a cryptic tweet. Journalist Jeff Grubb is also jumping on the bandwagon, claiming that Sony has smaller first-party games planned this year.

May a bot see through the fog of love?

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