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Sea of Thieves: FAQ bestätigt Closed Beta Termin, 120fps & mehr

Rare und Microft haben den Termin zur Closed Beta in Sea of Thieves auf PS5 bestätigt, die bereits in wenigen Tagen startet. Teilnehmen können alle, die Sea of Thieves als Deluxe und Premium Edition vorbestellt haben. Die Closed Beta startet am 12. April und endet am 15. April 2024 und findet ausschließlich auf PS5 statt.



Sea of Thieves: FAQ bestätigt Closed Beta Termin, 120fps & mehr

Rare and Microft have announced the date for the closed beta Sea of Thieves confirmed on PS5, which launches in just a few days. Anyone can take part Sea of Thieves pre-ordered as Deluxe and Premium Editions.

The closed beta starts on 12. April and ends on 15. April 2024 and takes place exclusively on PS5. This means that players can only play together with other PS5 players, even if Sea of Thieves later crossplay supported. In terms of content, The Pirate Emporium is also not available in the beta, but the progress gained is transferred to the full version, plus 10 levels of Renown and the Dauntless Adventurer Sails as titles.

“Closed Beta participants will not be able to participate in Pirate Emporium and will only play with other PlayStation players during this period. While trophies are disabled during the closed beta, progress toward achieving these trophies will be tracked, transferred, and unlocked when the retail version is released.”

PS5 gamers who Sea of Thieves generally pre-order, you will also receive exclusive access to four Ruby Viper weapons and the Scarlet Storm parakeet.

Microsoft Account and PlayStation Plus required

In the further FAQ it is confirmed again today that playing Sea of Thieves requires a Microsoft account. This ensures that all progress is transferred seamlessly if one Sea of Thieves already played on Xbox.

As usual, a PlayStation Plus account is required for multiplayer sessions. This does not apply to all single player activities, nor is Xbox Game Pass required to access the game.

On the technical side, support for the DualSense controller has also been confirmed, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, there will be a 120fps performance mode in 1080p and PlayStation Portal will also be optimally supported.

Rare has compiled many more details about Sea of ​​Thieves on PS5 in the comprehensive FAQ.

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