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GTA VI: Rockstar Games is apparently preparing an announcement

Rockstar Games arbeitet womöglich an einer baldigen Ankündigung von „GTA VI“, die im Hintergrund vorbereitet wird. Hinweise darauf liefert die offizielle Webseite zum Spiel. Wie aufmerksame User auf X mitbekommen haben, geschieht derzeit etwas auf der offiziellen Produktseite von „GTA VI“, die zeitweise einige Informationen enthüllt hat, darunter Bilder, Platzhalter, Hinweise auf Vorbestellungen und mehr.



GTA VI: Rockstar Games is apparently preparing an announcement

Rockstar Games may be working on an imminent announcement of “GTA VI” that is being prepared in the background. The official website for the game provides information about this.

As eagle-eyed users on While the site itself is not openly available, the source code and database still contain some of this information.

GTA VI announcement in the next few days?

The fact that Rockstar Games is actually preparing something for “GTA VI” is linked to the upcoming conference call from parent company Take-Two on May 16th. It is expected that the publisher will comment on “GTA VI” in some form.

If there really is an imminent release announcement and pre-orders for “GTA VI”, everything must be prepared accordingly by then, including the homepage, which will then go live immediately. At the moment, however, these are just assumptions that should initially be treated with caution.

Update: the new page ( was just taken down, but the code with placeholders remains in the database that was made public yesterday.
Additionally, there are mentions of digital purchases (pre-orders).

R* was likely preparing the website and didn’t intend to…

— GTA 6 Countdown ⏳ (@GTAVI_Countdown) May 8, 2024

The last reports about “GTA VI” concerned the potential release date, which is reportedly planned for much later and was referred to as an “emergency timetable”. This is in view of the fact that there should already be a postponement of the game internally. This was denied shortly afterwards, but all by unofficial sources.

“Kotaku has learned that it is increasingly likely that the sequel will not be released until the end of 2025. It is also possible that it will even be pushed back to 2026 as production is reportedly lagging behind.”

Rockstar Games, on the other hand, is said to be quite optimistic about the release of “GTA VI”, which is still on schedule. This was officially announced for 2025 and is currently still valid. The developer always determines the pace of marketing and release, which is why you should just wait and see.


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