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All Might's mother revealed in My Hero Academia: fans are unanimous



The bonuses of volume 40 of My Hero Academia offered an image of the mother of the number 1 superhero, All Might, and readers are unanimous.

The last volume of My Hero Academia presents bonuses revealing anecdotes from Kohei Horikoshi's assistants, but above all a whole bunch of new illustrations. And among these, one in particular caught the attention of readers, both for its symbolism and for the sweetness it represents: the image of All Might's mother.

Number 1 is in the spotlight in volume 40 of the manga, which offered him two bonus illustrations in all: we discover All Might, aka Toshinori Yagi, when he was a child and with his mother.

In the color image, mother and son strike a superheroic pose, confirming little Toshinori's early aspirations. In the other illustration, the boy is simply sitting with the young woman, and seems happy.

While the manga continues to sink into darkness due to its increasingly harsh storyline, such drawings have not failed to cause excitement among fans. Very quickly, excitement was created around All Might's mother, whose name was not revealed in the bonuses. Never mind, social networks have already found a nickname for her: “Mama Might” !

And the readers of My Hero Academia are unanimous: the resemblance is striking between the mother with the big smile and her son.

It's so sweet, I cry

I always thought All Might was an orphan, one of those abandoned quirkless kids, but she looks so sweet I regret thinking that, look at her! She is so pretty.”

I cry thinking about this lovely young woman who probably never imagined her little boy would become one of the world's greatest heroes.”

All Might's mother does not appear at all in the story but she can already boast of having her own community of fans, thanks to the bonuses of volume 40 of My Hero Academia.

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