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Hi-Fi Rush runs better on PS5 than on Xbox and PC, says analysis



If Sony was afraid that Microsoft would “capture” the performance of Call of Duty on its consoles after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment came to prove otherwise. The game from Tango Gameworks, apparently, has improved performance on the PS5.

This is confirmed by the channel “ElAnalistaDeBits”, which showed how the title is running on all platforms. Although the PC has higher FPS rates and the video game version is limited to 60 frames per second, all editions work very well.

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For the test, the settings used — Hi-Fi Rush does not have a performance or fidelity option — were:

  • PS5: 2160p/60fps
  • Xbox Series S: 1440p/60fps
  • Xbox Series X: 2160p/60fps
  • PC: 2160p — Maximum settings with RTX 4080 | i9 12900K | 32GB DDR5 | NVME SSD

According to ElAnalistaDeBits, Hi-Fi Rush has better shadows on PS5, a feature that could be added to Xbox and PC in the future. Furthermore, loading on the Sony console was another differentiator, demonstrating more agility compared to Microsoft hardware.

However, it is worth highlighting: the analyst states that all ports perform very well. The differences mentioned above are mere details. Compare in the video below:

Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 stands out with better grades on Metacritic

Another point that deserves to be highlighted about the performance of Hi-Fi Rush on the PS5 is its score on Metacritic. The average score is higher on the Sony console. See more details here!

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