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Group of hackers steal information from Epic Games




Since ancient times, especially when people have discovered that they can use technology to commit fraud, computer geniuses known as hackers have tried to make money by obtaining information from large companies with millions of dollars. In fact, not long ago it happened with PlayStation, as data from Insomniac Games and their games Marveland now, the same thing would be happening but with another titan of the company, we talk about Epic Games.

As reported by the media Cyber ​​Dailythe group known by the name of Mogilevichpublished a message on its deep web leak site, providing information about an alleged leak from the owners of Fortnite and more video games that make a lot of money. They mention that they supposedly have 200GB of vital information that the company would not like to see released to light at the moment.

Here what is mentioned on the page:

We have quietly carried out an attack on Epic Games servers.

The data is also for sale. If you are an employee of the company or someone who wants to purchase the data, click the link.

Given this, the company itself issued a report in which they say they do not have any type of problem but that they will be investigating.

Here is what a spokesperson said:

We are investigating, but there is currently no evidence that these claims are legitimate. Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any evidence of the veracity of these accusations.

When we saw these allegations, which were a screenshot of a page in a third-party Tweet, we began investigating within minutes and contacted Mogilevich for evidence. Mogilevich has not responded.

The closest thing we've seen to a response is this Tweet, where they supposedly ask for $15,000 and 'proof of funds' to deliver the supposed data.

The group has given the deadline of March 4 for someone to buy the data, but they have not given a specific figure nor have they indicated what they will do with the data if the deadline is passed. So we will have to wait for more information and if they manage to deny or confirm that they have the information.

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Editor's note: Well, if it were Epic Games, it would take the appropriate precautions, since PlayStation didn't believe them and they already leaked many Wolverine scenes. So, better to start a conversation to verify the data that was supposedly taken from the database.

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