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Gravity Rush 2 remaster for PS5 and PC should arrive soon



After saying that the franchise would have an adaptation made by PlayStation Productions and the confirmation actually happening, the insider “Orangee” stated that there was a remaster of Gravity Rush 2 on the way. Exclusive to PS4, the title would arrive on PS5 and PC.

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Apparently, fans won't have to wait that long for confirmation. The reveal would take place in May and, currently, the game is already having its main systems tested on the new platforms. In fact, the PC port would be prepared for a later date than the PS5 debut.

Important to highlight: Orangee insider should not be considered an official source of information. His good track record made this news, but the right thing to do is wait for Sony to confirm everything to the fans — until then, treat everything as a rumor.

It is worth noting that the Gravity Rush 2 servers were shut down on July 18th. Whether this means a possible return to online mode remains to be seen, but the community itself has already tried to prevent the measure.

Waiting for the Gravity Rush 2 remaster? So get excited for the live-action!

While the remaster of Gravity Rush 2 is still speculation, the live-action of the title is a reality. Check out the latest images released by PlayStation Productions by clicking here!

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