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Ransomware attack on Epic Games was fake, hackers say



The suspicion of a new ransomware attack on Epic Games, like the one that occurred with Insomniac Games where many data thefts were carried out, has been ruled out. A spokesperson for the Mogilevich group, previously seen as the hackers behind the scam, said they had used the publisher's name to draw attention.

They confessed to Cyber ​​Daily (via IGN), in Australia, that this was all made up. No data, personal employee information and much less contracts were ever obtained, putting an end once and for all to the expectation of a new wave of leaks damaging to the games industry:

In reality, we are not ransomware as a service, but professional fraudsters. None of the databases listed on our blog were real, as you may have recently discovered. We take advantage of big names to gain visibility as quickly as possible, not for fame and approval, but to meticulously build our new victim trafficking for scams.

Concluding the statement that left those following the Epic Games situation less tense, Mogilevich added:

This was done to illustrate the process of our scam. We don't consider ourselves hackers, but rather criminal geniuses, if we can call ourselves that.

Still on February 28th, when it all started, Epic Games contacted MeuPS and found out “there is no evidence that the ransomware attack is real”.

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