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Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 has better ratings than on Xbox and Switch



The PS5 version of Hi-Fi Rush is the best way to experience the game. At least, that's what can be concluded by looking at the game's reviews on Metacritic.

The recently released edition for the Sony console has the highest average rating on the site, with 91 points out of a possible maximum of 100. On the PC, its average is 90, while on Xbox consoles it is 87. Obviously, this It doesn't necessarily mean that the game runs better on the console.

One of the simple justifications, of course, is the fact that it received many more reviews in the Microsoft video game – a total of 63, compared to just 37 on the computer and even fewer on the Play 5, just nine.

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Hi-Fi Rush for PS5 was released on March 18th and is available on the PlayStation Store for R$149.50.

Hi-Fi Rush on PS5: is it worth it?

Hi-Fi Rush was one of the biggest games of 2023, but until then, it was only available for Xbox and PC. Now, with Microsoft's new multiplatform approach, this “music with kicks” game has finally arrived on the PS5, but we've already told you: it's coming to conquer the community! Read the full review by clicking here.

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