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Is Hi-Fi Rush worth playing on PlayStation 5?



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HiFi Rush It's a fantastic game. In retrospect, Tango Gameworks' work was the best exclusive that the Xbox Series X|S had in 2023, although this statement may be controversial for some. You can learn more about this title in our full review. In this way, when rumors of a possible port for the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch began to emerge at the end of last year, I was excited by the idea of ​​not only enjoying this spectacular title again, but the possibility of having a version Physics was something that made me happy. After a couple of months of rumors, and a period of hysteria, HiFi Rush It is now available on PlayStation 5, something that many thought would be impossible.

In this way, I had the opportunity to play HiFi Rush on PlayStation 5 in recent days, once again enjoying its spectacular music, fantastic visuals, incredible hack and slash system, and fun story. However, a question arises: is it worth playing HiFi Rush on the Sony console? The answer is simple, but it is likely that for some people this does not merit purchasing this title.

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We have to make something very clear, HiFi Rush on PlayStation 5 it is a port. This means that there is no new content, nor any extra that is not available on the Xbox Series X|S. In this way, we are offered the same experience that we enjoyed last year. Chai, our protagonist, gains a musical power that allows him to move to the beat, and now he needs to put an end to an evil corporation, a mission he embarks on with the help of a charismatic group of friends. Along the way we have to defeat hundreds of robots and a couple of bosses, all to the rhythm of a phenomenal soundtrack that combines original compositions and licensed songs by groups The Black Keys, The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails. The gameplay, for its part, presents us with a hack and slash that rewards all those who are able to perform complicated button combinations in a specific rhythm, but does not punish those who have difficulty following the beat.

All this results in a very well-constructed experience of approximately 10 hours, where all the elements present work perfectly to give us a title that those with an Xbox Series X|S, and now PlayStation 5, must play no matter what. . Beyond the console war and exclusivity, this was one of the reasons why the possibility of a port for the Sony console excited me, since more people would have the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular journey in the company of Chai and the rest of the main and supporting cast.

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Now, the question many have is: what does it offer? HiFi Rush on PlayStation 5 that is not available on Xbox Series X|S? Well, just the compatibility with 3D audio on the Pulse 3D, something that is great, since you can hear everything that happens around you in a much clearer way. Outside of this, there is nothing truly notable. Tango Gameworks' work still runs at 4K and 60fps, something that still looks impressive on Sony's console. In fact, there is one section that even disappointed me a little, and that is that the DualSense is not used.

Instead of offering much more advanced vibration and trigger functions that take into account the different abilities that companions allow, none of this is implemented. In this way, we have at our disposal a very traditional control, something that can be disappointing for more than one person. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but many may see this as a wasted aspect, although it doesn't ruin the experience.

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Outside of this section, all those who buy this game will receive the same content that we find on Xbox Series X|S, and that means that the Arcade update, which includes new visual styles for Chai and a series of special challenges, is now available . Now, it's time to talk about the price. HiFi Rush It is not available on PlayStation Plus, so if you want to enjoy this adventure, you need to pay for it, and this means shelling out $30 for the standard version, or $40 for the Deluxe edition that includes a couple of additional cosmetic items.

HiFi Rush on PlayStation 5 is still a fantastic game that all users have to play, regardless of whether they have an Xbox Series X|S, PC or PS5. On any platform you will have the opportunity to experience a very well-constructed rhythm hack and slash, with a spectacular soundtrack, and a journey that you will never forget.

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