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Dreams fans try to convince Sony to release PS5 and PC versions



Dreams fans are mobilizing on the internet and asking for PS5 and PC versions of the creation platform. On social media, dozens of players are trying to convince Sony to release improved editions, in a final effort to prove that the game deserves a second chance.

The community's onslaught comes shortly after a series of bad news involving the project. This is because, in September 2023, support for the title was ended by Media Molecule and in October of the same year, the studio was affected by the wave of layoffs.

However, fans of the platform remain unfazed and are active on social media to try to convince Sony to extend support for a few more years. The requests revolve around a native version for new generation consoles and a port for PC.

Dreams is one of the best things to ever happen on PlayStation, but it runs the risk of being forgotten. The revolutionary technology and the power it brings to creators is unmatched. Dreams deserve to live.

Viral on the internet due to the countless projects created by the community, the title is only available in the PS4 version. PS Plus Extra and Deluxe subscribers can play it at no additional cost.

Dreams is on sale at the PS Store

If you don't have an active PS Plus subscription and want to get the game from the PS Store, you can buy it with a 60% discount. The title is one of the highlights of the “Unmissable Offers” promotion, which runs until the 14th of this month. Click here to learn more.

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