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Netflix reveals the first images of the live-action adaptation of Parasite



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Netflix reveals the first images of the live action adaptation of

The live-action adaptation of the manga Parasite by Hitoshi Iwaaki has received its first preview – we tell you everything you need to know about it.

Parasite caused a sensation when it was published, and even more so with the release of the anime, since renamed Parasite: The Maxim. The series is clearly immersed in the horror genre, having fun with distorted bodies and constant paranoia.

The 24-episode animated series follows the adventures of Shinichi, a teenager who narrowly avoids having his brain parasitized by a deadly alien: unable to pass through his ears, the creature is forced to enter the young man's body via her hand.

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Cohabitation therefore begins, both beings still perfectly conscious. A very strong bond then unites them: the parasite needs to keep Shinichi alive, it will help him to defend himself against his fellow aliens.

The anime was unanimous among fans, and as is often the case, success means a live-action adaptation. After One Piece Or Yu Yu HakushoNetflix offered a first glimpse of its series in live action from Parasyte: The Gray.

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The live-action series Parasyte: The Gray will be distinguished from the plot of Parasite: The Maxim

The live action version of Parasite will be titled Parasyte: The Gray. The plot begins in a different setting from that of the Japanese manga, since it takes place in Korea, the country also being affected by the alien invasion.

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Although inspired by the work of Hitoshi Iwaaki, Parasyte: The Gray therefore has an entirely new history. It will be a new story, with new characters, and will be one of Netflix's K-dramas for the year 2024. And to direct all of this, it is director Yeon Sang-ho who has stepped up the sleeves, after offering the public ambitious projects like Hellbound Or Last train to Busan.

Parasyte: The Gray will be released on Netflix, but no precise release date has yet been officially given by the streaming platform to date.

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