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New details of the powerful PS5 Pro are revealed



Famous insider Tom Henderson brought more information about the supposed power that the PS5 Pro could have. In addition to the details shown previously, Insider Gaming managed to bring other news that has not yet been revealed for us to keep an eye on.

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The new settings refer to the memory, CPU and audio system. Check it out below:

Supposed new PS5 Pro details

System memory

It was also highlighted that the system memory of the PS5 Pro is more efficient than that of the standard console, so the bandwidth gain can increase by more than 28%.


  • The CPU is identical to that of the PlayStation 5 Standard, however, the Pro has a “High CPU Frequency Mode” which sees the CPU clock in at 3.85 GHz – a 10% increase over the standard console.
  • In High CPU Frequency Mode, more power is allocated to the CPU, causing the GPU to lose 1% in efficiency.


O ACV at the PlayStation 5 Pro works at a higher clock rate compared to the PlayStation 5 pattern, resulting in the library ACM with 35% more performance.

More “convolution” reverbs can be processed More FFT or IFFT can be processed.

Adding, Henderson provided more information about the PS5 Pro:

30 WGPs running specialized BVH8 traversal shaders versus 18 WGPs running BVH4 traversal shaders on the standard PlayStation 5.

This alphabet soup and technical specs mean, in practice, that the PS5 Pro will be much more robust than expected. It will not just be a simple upgrade, but almost a generational leap. It remains to be seen whether so much raw power will be converted into better games.

And it’s always worth reinforcing: Sony hasn't officially released anything about the PS5 Pro. This information came from a leaked document and gained repercussion in recent days. Before creating expectations, it's better to wait for PlayStation itself to talk about the matter.

PS5 Pro and consoles for layoffs
Source: Sony

More information about the PS5 Pro:

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