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Twitch streamer finally finds a woman on Steam that he and his fans like



The Twitch streamer Asmongold has recently been making critical comments about women and is annoyed with voice actresses, developers and journalists. His fans also don't appreciate it when he gets too involved with women. But now he and his fans have finally found a woman they like: in the new game on Steam, Vindictus: Defying Fate.

What is it with Asmongold and women?

Vindictus: Defying Fate lets you experience an old MMORPG as a Soulslike

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That is the reaction: In a two-minute video, a YouTube excerpt from one of his Twitch streams, Asmongold grins smugly and looks at the female character and her various outfits in Vindictus: Definy Fate. The new game is an action release of an MMORPG from Nexon. A pre-alpha ended on Steam on March 19th.

While the first outfits are still normal, Outfit 2 puts the playable warrior in a miniskirt. Outfit 3 shows her only lightly dressed and gives the fighter high heels and more underwear than armor. The outfit will quickly become a favorite of Asmongold and its community.

While the Twitch chat raves about “AAA quality” and “Game of the Year,” Asmongold can barely contain his grin and his eyebrows as he says: The combat looks a lot smoother than he imagined.

The video with the headline “Game of the Year” has already reached 713,000 views in less than a week.

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Culture clash between East and West among women in video games

This is what lies behind it: This is almost priceless advertising for the game. This much attention would normally have cost Nexon a few hundred thousand dollars of budget. For most of Asmongold's fans, a video like this is harmless fun.

But in a way there is a real conflict behind this, because such highly sexualized game characters are still popular in Asia, where Vindicuts: Definy Fate comes from, while there is a movement against such characters in the games industry in the West. This comes from exactly the people Asmongold has been having a problem with lately. While Asmongold sees itself as the voice of the very players who oppose such changes and inadmissible influence their games see.

We've already covered the debate about game characters that set unrealistic beauty standards with the PS5 game Stellar Blade:

New PS5 game uses 3D scan of a model as a template for heroine – scoffers say: “In the West she would be ugly”

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