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Call of Duty cheat creators targeted by hackers



Call of Duty cheat creators have been the target of a malware campaign, with hackers stealing players' passwords.

On March 27, an X account called vx-underground detailed how a malware campaign is currently being executed. He claimed that a CoD cheat provider, PhantomOverlay, was alerted to a “fraudulent activity” on its users' accounts and further claimed that there are thousands of victims.

Activision quickly released a statement regarding the campaign, saying its servers are “secure and uncompromised.”

“There have been claims that some player credentials across the broader industry could be compromised due to malware downloaded or used via unauthorized software,” an Activision spokesperson told Dexerto.

The hackers' goal for this campaign has not been revealed and no one has claimed responsibility for the hack on social media at the time of writing. Until now, many impacted users were using cheat systems.

Activision's spokesperson told Dexerto that players who think their computer has malware installed should change their password and enable two-factor authentication.

This incident comes following a massive hack targeting professional Apex Legends players during a game. This hack was quickly claimed by the culprit, and Apex developer Respawn has since released a statement regarding the incident.

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