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Hackers claim to have 189GB of Epic data and demand ransom



“Emails, passwords, full names, payment information, source codes and many other data”. The Mogilevich hacker group claims to have managed to intercept all of this from Epic Games with a ramsomware attack in the last few days. The information is from the Cyber ​​Daily website.

Cybercriminals say they have obtained 189GB of data and are asking for a “ransom”. Interested parties have until March 4th to get in touch and agree on a price for all leaked information. They didn't post any proof of what they would have achieved, however.

The strategy is exactly the same as that of another hacker group, Rhysida, which broke into Insomniac's servers last year and caused a huge stir by disclosing a huge amount of the company's confidential details.

Mogilevich is a new group of ransomware threats, which began to appear this year and is already making waves. Epic Games is its fourth victim. The first was a Nissan subsidiary, Infiniti USA, last week.

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