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Robe of the Infinite is currently making sorceresses an OP class – this is the best way to farm it



The unique “Grobe of the Infinite” ensures that the sorceresses in Diablo 4 are incredibly strong. You can find out how best to farm the unique chest protector and what makes it so strong here on MeinMMO.

Since Season 2, it has been possible in Diablo 4 to lay certain bosses in order to receive uniques. The Echo of Duriel was also added in Season 2 and is the boss in Season 3 who can drop the coveted Uber uniques.


The Garb of the Infinite is a unique chest protector for sorceresses that gives you a huge boost to your damage and teleport skill. You can farm it from Varshan and Lord Zir to strengthen your build.

Resistances are quite useful when fighting bosses. If you regularly forget your potions, we have a trick for you:


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Targeted farming with Varshan and Lord Zir

How can I farm the “Grobe of the Infinite”? If you're lucky, you'll get the Unique from world bosses, events or in nightmare dungeons. However, in order to specifically farm the chest protector, you have to collect materials so that you can summon the bosses.

You can visit Varshan at world levels 3 and 4 in Diablo 4, Lord Zir only at world level 4. You can get the materials for Varshan mainly from chests from the Tree of Whispers and by bartering with the alchemist. You can get the “Exquisite Blood” for Lord Zir from world bosses and Legion events.


This is what you need to know about Varshan:

  • Location: in his hideout “Wicked Den” next to the Tree of Whispers in Hawezar
  • Materials:
    • World Tier 3: 1 Gurgling Head, 1 Blackened Femur, 1 Trembling Hand
    • World Tier 4: 1 Gurgling Head, 1 Blackened Femur, 1 Trembling Hand, 1 Vicious Heart
  • Level:
    • 55 at world level 3
    • 75 at world level 4
  • Damage Type: Shadow/Physical

This is what you need to know about Lord Zir:

  • Location: Behind the Darkened Path access point in his lair, Seat of the Ancients, in the Shattered Peaks region
  • Materials: 9 Exquisite Blood
  • Level: 80 at world level 4
  • Damage type: Fire

Boost to damage and mobility skill

What makes the “robe of the infinite” so strong? The Robe of the Infinite chest protector greatly increases the sorceresses' damage and allows enemies to be drawn in and stunned after teleporting.

The “robe of the infinite” has the following affixes:

  • + Intelligence
  • +Damage against nearby enemies
  • + Damage against stunned enemies
  • + Ranks for the passive skill “Glass Cannon”
The Robe of the Infinite gives you a bonus to your teleport and your damage.

Specifically, the chest protector ensures that you not only move more quickly through the enemy mobs with the teleport. In addition, you pull your opponents together and stun them at the same time, then grill them with lightning. This combination makes Sorceresses an OP class.

The chest protector is perfect support for your mobility skills and is suitable for various activities in the endgame of Diablo 4. A look at the rankings reveals that the best-placed players also swear by the “Gown of the Infinite”: they are sorceresses Strongest class in Diablo 4 – That’s what makes it so strong

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