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With the crisis at MediaMolecule, Dreams will no longer be curated



With the restructuring of the MediaMolecule team, which was very close to being closed, Dreams was one of the most affected titles. The bold project, which unfortunately did not reach the potential that many people expected, has now had the end of curatorial support announced. The company's plan at the moment is to ensure it becomes a self-sustaining platform.

Support for Sonhonavegar and Sonhocriar will end in mid-April. Despite this, there will be a reformulation so that players can control what is published and continue to enjoy it, valuing the game's community spirit. For now, it is not a definitive end.

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“We see a lot of talk and concern about the future of Dreams on our live streams and social media, and while it's impossible to predict what the future holds, we want to assure you that, at this time, there are no plans to take Dreams offline and restrict the access to thousands of incredible creations from our incredible creators. These past 12 months have been difficult for us at Media Molecule and for those who see Dreams as a safe space where they can express their creativity, and we hope that people can continue using Dreams in this way for a long time to come. We thank you all for being a kind and caring community that has always supported us and we hope you continue to visit Sonhocosmo”says the note.

The curation team's dismissals will take place in the fall and, according to the statement, this is the last team to leave Media Molecule in this “crisis”.

Dreams continues to work “normally”

As reinforced by the publication, Dreams will continue to operate. According to the developers, these changes will help filter new creations for players, in addition to ensuring that games, animations, music, etc. of creators reach their appropriate audiences. Let's see if this holds up for longer. After all, with so many layoffs, changes of focus and possible project cancellations, it seems that Media Molecule is not that safe, especially in the current scenario of the games industry.

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